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Practicing law in North Carolina. Areas of practice include:

  • Estate planning and Administration (Probate)     ​

  • Guardianships

  • Claiming Surplus funds

Estate Administration

Handling the complexities of the estate of a loved one can be difficult and confusing.  There are applications to submit, possible bonding to obtain, and periodic reports required by the Estates Division of the court. 


The Walls Law Group  can assist you in sorting out and attending to these responsibilities.  Whether there was a will naming an Executor/Executrix , or no will for an estate which needs to be administered by a Personal Representative, we can help.



Guardianship requires the filing of a petition, a court hearing, and possibly accountings to the court.  It is a process, and one with which Ruth Allen, of Walls Law Group, is familiar, having participated in monthly guardianship hearings for over 10 years.

Let us assist you through the process if you believe guardianship is the right step for a loved one.

Estate Planning


Why do I need to have estate documents?  What does estate planning consist of, actually? 

The answer is simple:  Peace of mind. 

   Documents such as powers of attorney for financial/business matters and for health care issues allow a trusted person to help manage your affairs if you are not able to.  A will can direct your assets to those individuals you choose. 

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