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Ruth Allen, Attorney at Law



Ms. Allen has many years of experience in the legal field.  A 2005 graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law, Ruth M. Allen was formerly a Certified Legal Assistant for 15 years. Her experience includes estate planning and probate, guardianship matters, and consumer advocacy.   She serves as a Guardian Ad Litem in Wake County, and has worked part time at Legal Aid of North Carolina. Ms. Allen is a retired Commander in the United States Navy, having served for over 20 years in the Reserve Component.

Estate planning:
Planning, and communicating your desires, is an important step in crafting your estate documents.  I can help you do that. Sometimes, time is of the essence.  Your loved one is experiencing illness or injury.  This is when they may need help planning their personal affairs the most.  They may need to designate a health care agent, or appoint someone to handle their business matters while they are incapacitated.  In those cases, we are able to assist.  We will travel to the client, and furnish what they need in a short amount of time, generally the same day or next day.  This includes going to their home, hospital, living facility or hospice.  I find that this gives the client peace of mind, when they know that their affairs are settled, and plans are in place.

Often our elders may need assistance, but not be in a position to be legally capable of making that determination.  That is when guardianship is an option.  I have a wealth of experience with guardianships, representing the prospective ward, and also representing the concerned family member or individual who needs to be able to legally assist their loved one.  Guardianship is a process where a family member, or another person or agency, steps into the legal shoes of a person to help them with essential decisions.

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