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PROBATE:  (Called Estate Administration in North Carolina)

Handling the complexities of the estate of a loved one can be difficult and confusing.  There are applications to submit, possible bonding to obtain, and periodic reports required by the Estates Division of the court. 


The Walls Law Group can assist you in sorting out and attending to these responsibilities.  Whether there was a will naming an Executor/Executrix , or no will for an estate which needs to be administered by a Personal Representative, we can help with:

  • Opening the estate and filing the will (if there is one), including qualification of the Executor/Personal Administrator

  • Providing notice to heirs of the Estate

  • Obtaining the EIN for the Estate account

  • Publishing the required Notice to Creditors in the local newspaper legal ads

  • Gathering and listing assets

  • Keeping records of the assets and disbursements for Estate costs

  • Payment of valid debts

  • Filing required periodic reports with the probate court.

  • Distributing assets to heirs, and obtaining receipts

  • Filing the final accounting

  • Closing the estate


Call us today to learn more about how we can assist you with estate administration.

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